for Researchers & Teams

Share Files and Folders with Anyone

SESYNC researchers and staff can provide a link for external collaborators to upload (donwload) files to (from) any research data directory they can access. We recommend this mechanism for receiving datasets from external collaborators: create a new folder and turn it into a public “file drop”, as described below.

  1. Access a research data directory via, using your SESYNC username and password.

  2. Click the share icon () to the right of a file or folder to open its sharing status in the sidebar.

  3. Add recipients:
    • (Internal). To share with SESYNC users, type their full name in the search box in the sidebar.
    • (External). To share with people not in the contacts list, check “Share link” or enter an email address.

  4. Choose the type of share:
    • to only receive files check “File drop (upload only)”
    • to share privately check “Password protect” and create a secure password
    • to share temporarilly check “Set expiration date” and choose when the share will be terminated

  5. If you selected “Share link”, you must send the link to each recipient. If you selected “Password protect”, you must distribute the password to each recipient. Use a secure means to share passwords, such as Email is not considered secure.

See the complete Nextcloud Documentation for additional information.