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Why is R (or Python) not found?
How do I set up a Python virtual environment for Slurm jobs?
How do I change the git default branch name for new repositories from master to main?
What is Slack and why is it useful for team science?
Why am I locked out of the RStudio or Jupyter server?
How do I create a virtual environment on the Jupyter server?
What technological options exist for virtual team communication?
How do I set up an SSH key on GitLab/GitHub?
How can I secure my virtual meeting?
What are common options for Slurm jobs, and how do I set them?
Cyber Resources
How do I work with a git-versioned project in Jupyter Lab?
How do I run an interactive job on the cluster?
Where should I store temporary files created by Slurm cluster jobs?
How much data can I store in my research data directory?
What resources exist for collaborative writing?
How to create a symlink to a research directory?
How does SESYNC wind down computational support?
Why isn't my research data directory in '/nfs'?
Why does my virtual machine show less memory than I requested?
Why does git show that all my files changed when I didn't change them?
What is a virtual machine?
What support does SESYNC provide for custom virtual machines?
When are the server maintenance windows?
What happens to my jobs during the maintenance window?
How do I access Linux resources?
How do I access my research data directory?
Should I use GitHub or SESYNC's GitLab?
What's the difference between git, GitHub, and GitLab?
Can code move between GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket?
What is the compute cluster?
How do I access my Windows virtual machine?
Do I have to use the cluster?
How do I create an RStudio project with git?
How do I change my SESYNC password?
What is my SESYNC username?
What resources are available?
How do I contact IT or research support staff?



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